Shanghai OPTICS: The Optics of the Future


Are you interested in top of the line world class lens design? Are you interested in a company that cares about the products you purchase? With Shanghai Optics you get all of that and then some. When buying a product from a company you have never heard about the consumers first concern is always will the product I pay for be as good as what I am paying for it.

Shanghai Optics takes pride in there products with providing you the customer with world class lens design and amazing manufacturing services. Go ahead visit their site they have brochures showing the steps they take with designing their products! Many people will also ask what all do they make since they are a lens company? Shanghai Optics makes lenses for meteorology, microscopy, monitoring systems, and custom projection lens for design and concept evaluation. They have products also involving illuminating tools such as street lights, indoor and outdoor lighting systems and automotive lighting systems. They cover the market when it comes to lens design and product types. They even have a list of computer software that has involvement with modeling simulation such as, "Zemax, CODE V and ASAP" Their mechanical engineers use programs such as solid works and Pro/Engineer for complex COSMOS thermal analytics simulation. So now that you have heard about there various product involvement you are on the right path of knowing what you can buy right? Well let me tell you about the advantages of buying a product from them.

Shanghai provides performance analysis through system optimization services with DFM input for all of the design for manufacture input. So now you know the entire Shanghai team has the best interest for their products. Like Shanghai loves to say through them you can bring your vision to life.

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